Fiber queen cashmere wool scarf

- Sep 11, 2017 -

Believe that every woman can dig out from the closet several cashmere wool scarf, as a "zero threshold" of the item you can each year are buying, however, the most should have that you bought? For example: cashmere scarf! Buy a scarf and buy cashmere. It's 8 times as warm and less than half as heavy as wool. It was not until I compared a few cashmere woolen scarves that the real "soft silky little baby's skin, especially the one against the face". This is the real feeling from the heart after touching.

Only goats have some cashmere, but not only because of scarcity, but also called "fiber queen" and "soft gold". Wool is very common, cut from sheep directly, so it will be a bit rough and tie-in. And the cashmere, which is a little bit of a little fluff, is a little bit of a shepherd's hair. But comfort and warmth are incomparable to any textile material. Since the weather is bad, we should be better for ourselves. A cashmere scarf makes you fall in love with unsuspecting eyes. Once you get used to the texture, you probably won't want to wear other scarves.

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