Imitation cashmere cape fashion trend

- Sep 11, 2017 -

The cape has a long history, from the sui dynasty (581-618) to the development of a kind of clothing, it around the neck a week, wearing on the shoulder. By the qing dynasty (1644-1911), the shawl was extended to all classes of society, especially when it came to marriage, which became an indispensable garment for young women. Later, the shawl was worn at the age of a year or when it was married. The form of the shawl is mostly "sited" and a ribbon. The cape is made from two layers of hanging clouds, each of which is embroidered with flowers or birds, or embroidered stories. A fine shawl takes a long time to embroider, and its craftsmanship is admirable.

"Zhen Huan empress" earlier in Burberry2016 spring and summer on a big show of a fringed shawl modelling won the praise of fashionable personage at home and abroad, but it was her shawl has always been a lot of popular collocation fashion sheet is tasted, not only elegant, also is very convenient and the joker.

Speaking of shawl, the most precious is a cashmere shawl, but the price of a shawl made of 100% pure cashmere is expensive, and most people prefer to choose imitation cashmere shawls. The material of imitation cashmere shawl is numerous, the silk is pulled wool cape is the price of price of the queen, whether quality or price is superior.

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