It's important to choose a suitable colour about the scarf

- Sep 11, 2017 -

The scarf is an essential part of the winter day. It's a kind of candy, pure color, leopard print, floral... Each has its own style.

The small scarf is warm at the same time, add a few minutes to the winter single modelling add a few beautiful. Make a scarf, for the beauty bonus!

Choose a good color line to make a good skin color a small scarf, if collocation is appropriate, can make you dress up more outstanding, the point that will pass the body falls on the slender neck between the neck. From super long to short and delicate, from knitting wool to fur, different styles texture scarves show different customs. Conversely if the color of scarf, style does not suit oneself, not only won't serve to foil, still can appear very abrupt, make image greatly discount.

Many people in the choice of clothing and accessories, the primary concern is whether the style suits itself, actually the color is also the important element that foil individual temperament cannot ignore. Dress stylist suggests, if be the girl with dark complexion, suggest tie-in the peach of bright pink, bright orange, these bright color will foil the skin color to bring good complexion. If collocation of ground color, the scarf of tu yellow can appear the color of skin is darker and heavy.

On the "neck" add flowers is out of fashion sense Scarf build opportunely will often create unexpected aura and stylish, if can often transform scarf tied, can make overall modelling have the feeling that find everything new and fresh, add flower on the "neck". "I feel that as long as you are willing to put your heart into the scarf, you can turn into a slap in the face!" Changchun citizen li said. Simple pure color knitting scarf, color soft, succinct easy to build, both recreational style and elegant line, can easily manage, don't worry there will be a completely match the burden of exaggeration.

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