Simple and stylish geometric scarf

- Sep 11, 2017 -

Simple and fashionable geometric style scarf geometry is the modeling foundation of everything. Clothing design is the carrier of human spiritual and material, geometrical design is derived from the ancient, it witnesses the development of human civilization, the geometrical design of rational use is the basis of the design skill, as it melt into wearable art, more of the eyes, radiant!

The geometrical style scarf introduced by longxiang textile has a great tactility and fine selection of fabrics, indicating high taste and noble identity. The geometrical style of low-key and atmospheric, suit the temperament of urban beauty. The simple geometric pattern is different from the traditional pattern, has the new time spirit and the contracted temperament.

The above geometric style scarf is only applied to the simplest diamond shape, the first developed modern design education school Bauhaus design school to propose less is more modern design thinking. Longxiang designers have a high quality of color and materials, so as to achieve a less competitive effect. Therefore, the seemingly simple geometric shape is the perfect application for the shape, color and texture.

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