The difference between scarf craft

- Sep 11, 2017 -

The scarf, as a kind of decorative, practical and practical item, has been used as a very high accompaniment throughout the year. Nowadays, fashion scarves are of various styles and materials. What are the scarves? Longxiang textile introduces the process of the lonxiang scarf, including printing process, color weaving process, jacquard process, hand-painted technology, tie-dye technology, etc.

Printing process: it is the process of printing patterns on textile fabrics with dyes or pigments.

Yarn-dyed process: first, the yarn or filament is dyed, then the yarn is used to weave the scarf process.

Jacquard process: concave and convex pattern of warp thread and weft thread in woven fabric weaving process.

Hand painting process: it is the scarf that is originally plain coloured cloth, use watercolor to draw on top, then use the scarf of chemical solid color. This scarf is special and special, and can be played according to imagination.

Tie-dye technology: tie-dye has been described as the traditional and unique dyeing scarf process in China. One of China's traditional handicraft dyeing techniques.

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