The most suitable scarf for holiday parties

- Sep 11, 2017 -

Chinese red scarf is not a choice, wearing a red scarf can set off your skin tone and shine. No matter who wears it, the opposite is true. Scarf material on cashmere, for the most, but due to less expensive and output characteristics, cashmere scarf not mass production, Chinese red scarf, besides daily can choose to wear, the choice of holiday celebration Chinese red is the enthusiasm of the festival.

Blessing for the annual meeting of the scarf, homecoming scarves, scarves, the particularity of gift scarf, customers also can choose cotton material of the red scarf, relatively cheaper than rayon scarves, feel is raising although not as good as real silk scarf flannelette high-grade, high, but the similarity for mass under the condition of limited funding, only activities need rayon scarves will be a good choice.

Human cotton is the common name of cotton artificial staple fiber. The main varieties of natural macromolecules, such as cellulose or protein, are chemically processed, such as cotton viscose staple fiber. Staple fiber made of natural cellulose. Mainly viscose staple fiber. It is characterized by good dyeing ability, high quality and fastness, comfortable wear, alkali resistance, moisture absorption and cotton. The disadvantages are not acid, resilience, fatigue resistance and low wet mechanical strength.

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