The scarf is different in different ways

- Sep 11, 2017 -

The wool scarf should be washed by professional neutral detergent. It is easy to wear, not too hard to wash, to remove the jewelry on your hands. Hand wash and dehydration time not too long, not drying, only natural air drying. The cashmere scarf is suitable for hand washing with neutral detergent or wool special detergent. When washing, avoid nails, ornaments and other sharp objects to pull, the dehydration time should be short, after washing, put in the ventilated place to spread out to dry. It was cold and the scarf became a necessity for heating. It's best to wash the scarf before you wear it. Different materials have different scarves and different washing methods.

A cotton scarf can be washed by hand washing after being soaked with detergent. If you want to dry it, you can leave the laundry bag to dry in the washing machine.

The knitted chemical fiber scarf does not need to be soaked before washing, after the detergent is diluted with warm water, direct washing, dehydration, air drying.

Mulberry silk scarf should choose neutral silk hair detergent hand wash, can not use alkaline detergent, soap or washing powder, after washing, there is no luster, even fade color. Dehydration is easy to remove, air dry, avoid exposure.

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