Tips for summer scarf maintenance

- Sep 11, 2017 -

There are thousands of women's ornaments, and the silk scarf is one of the most important ones. Even in "love red love armed" s, in a neutral grey, blue, green, tight around the neck of silk scarves are also play a role of her "mei", how many women make less a car-scrapping, much a quite and gentle. But after all, the scarf's decorating class is really poor and poor for this generation over the age of 30, and for most women, she has really become an accessorize. Foreign trade scarf manufacturers now teach you how to conserve their own silk scarves.

Silk scarf maintenance memorandum

1. The silk scarf can produce a pleated mark, so it is the best way to keep the clothes hangers when not in use.

2. When attending a banquet and other big occasions, the scarf can make you look more colorful, but you must not spray perfume or honey powder directly on the scarf.

3. The silk towel can not withstand friction, when used, do not often tie knot in the same part, otherwise, it will lose luster or play ball.

4. Keep the silk towel dry and avoid direct contact with insect repellent. Want to deal with the dirt or spot on silk towel, recommend to send reputable professional dry cleaner, and introduce the situation in detail (how to plant dirt, be polluted time, whether have handled etc.).

5. When the silk scarf has a wrinkle, it can be ironed on the reverse mat.

6. The reason of silk yellowing is caused due to silk material, and is not due to improper washing method or maintenance, but due to ultraviolet or lamplight illuminate for a long time, so, preventing method of silk yellowing is away from light.

7. Silk smooth texture, soft, but vulnerable to hook a prang flaws, appeared the situation, using positioned on the part of slowly straighten, after being back to its original state, finalize the design with the iron.

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