Want to know what determines the price of a wool scarf?

- Sep 11, 2017 -

Wool scarf price is very high cost performance, style is varied, fashionable fashionable, its warmth is good, feel soft, deeply loved by people.

The quality of a pure wool scarf depends on the wool source and the number of fleece, depending on the price of the wool scarf. High quality wool scarves cost hundreds of dollars and are of poor quality.

On the wool producing area differences, good in the world's leading wool origin for Australia, 60% of the world wool production and domestic manufacturers for Australian wool is expensive, most use cheap domestic wool in Inner Mongolia, Australia is famous for its wool for their high fiber density, good hair, the cost is 10 times the domestic wool, when buying, please look for the Australian wool, the price will be higher, warmth retention property is better.

On wool counts factors, used the quality of wool, high count wool is said the higher the number, the same condition of textile technology, the fine wool, strong holding force, but the knitting is more thin, so general thin wool to use high count wool, wool is coarse, woven fabric is thick, the higher the number, the higher the price, pay attention to when buying view wool counts, don't buy count low price high woolen scarf.

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