How To Buy Silk Scarves

- Sep 11, 2017 -

Silk scarves, just as its name implies is to mulberry silk, tussah silk, castor silk, cassava as raw material processing production of silk scarf, is a rare's fashions, is also a senior gifts for family and friends.

Silk scarf material appraisal method

1 identification method

Chinese silks and satins implement TongYiPin composed of five digits, this 5 digit from left 1 digit represents the fabric texture, fabric of complete real silk (include mulberry silk, spun silk) for "1", chemical fiber fabrics for "2", blended fabric is "3", tussah silk fabric as the "4", rayon fabric as "5". According to the understanding, the imported silk satin that sells on the market at present does not have pure silk fabrics, such as georgette, soft position gauze, bead li grain, these are chemical fiber fabric, so import silk and satin have no unified article number.

2 price identification method

The price of silk scarf is about twice as much as chemical fiber and silk satin. Luster, feel is identification method: sample of split view the appearance, silk light absorption performance, can't afford to look smooth mirror, quiet and tastefully laid out and downy, pearl light, feel is gentle and elegant, silk is close, can have wrinkles by hand grasp, the higher purity, good feel of silk with a higher density; Although the silk fabric has been removed and handled, it has a soft feel, but it is dark and has no pearl luster. Chemical fiber cloth luster bright, dazzling, feel more hard. The silk product slightly scratches the feeling, the two layers of fabric friction, will produce "silk Ming" sound, and other raw material fabrics do not have.

3 the combustion method

Part of the yarn is burned, the silk is not visible fire, the smell of burning hair, the silk grey into black particles, can be crushed by hand; The fake silk meets fire and it has a plastic smell. The edge of the fire will leave hard glue. The shrinkage rate of pure silk is high, buy finished product to choose bigger than actual demand the specification is appropriate. However, if choose pure silk high-grade, had better take to dry wash.

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