How To Wash A Velvet Scarf

- Sep 11, 2017 -

Scarves have different styles and different roles in daily life. In winter, the scarf is usually used to keep warm, and it also serves as a decoration. In other seasons, it is more visible and different to show the unique charm of the individual.

There are a variety of materials from the scarf, such as silk, wool, velvet and so on. Now the velveteen scarf has become a more and more popular scarf, but do you know a simple but important question? This is the washing method of the velveteen scarf. Here, you will find out how to wash the velveteen scarf.

We know that, if brushed goods are not properly washed, the clothes are easy to deform, shrink the plate, lose elasticity, and more are to bring down the villi, affecting the soft and fluffy. If flannelette scarf is dirty, can soak in cold water first, and then into the warm water, add detergent knead gently wash, vote again in the same temperature of clean water to wash a few times, finally put a little vinegar in cold water, soak 1 minute or so, took up with the hand, with dry bucket of dry or use the hand gently twist dry, dry in the shade. After drying, brush gently with soft brush. In this way, the velveteen velveteen is fluffy and fluffy, and its luster is not reduced.

When washing at the same time should pay special attention a bit, be the water that the cutting thing USES too high temperature, otherwise easy is scarf becomes hard.

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