Silk Sunblock, Summer Must-have Item

- Sep 11, 2017 -

Summer has been on the way, and the wardrobe is full of sunscreen. The silk scarf is like "bosom lover", as long as you use her, she will do everything she can, to make you a brand new like water woman. Silk suntan towel is thin and light to breathe a towel more versatile, the digital printing process is colorful. Whether you are in the air-conditioned room cool air or hot summer, will bring you sweet care. However, some people think that sunblock is cheap, but they do not know that the sun screen of chemical fiber not only does not have the effect of sun protection, but also can hurt the skin!

Light wind fashion limited company sunscreens, 100% pure silk fabrics, soft feel, pure hand rolled edge, double display high-grade. And mulberry silk, belongs to the protein fiber, silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids beneficial to human body, helps to maintain the skin on the surface of the metabolism of lipid membrane, it can help keep your skin moist and smooth. Natural mulberry silk products have the function of ultraviolet ray and sun protection.

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