Why Are Cashmere Scarves So Expensive

- Sep 11, 2017 -

When it comes to cashmere scarves, for most consumers, an almost sky-high cashmere scarf makes it hard for them to understand why a scarf is so expensive. Today, let's see why the cashmere scarf is so noble.

Cashmere scarf is expensive and precious. Cashmere scarves are rare, accounting for just 0.2% of the world's total animal fiber. Cashmere is different from wool, which is shaved from sheep. A sheep's hair can be made into a dozen woolen scarves. The cashmere is grown in the outer layer of the goat, a thin layer of fine fleece that is hidden in the root of the goatee. It is cold in winter and cold in winter. It will fall off after a warm spring and naturally adapt to the climate. The cashmere needs to be combed down from the goats, and five goats' hair can be made into a cashmere scarf.

Cashmere scarf is expensive, it is expensive. Cashmere scarf quality outstanding, style is unique, it is rare to have the perfect adornment. The cashmere scarf is like a tsundere pea princess, the cleaning, ironing, storage needs delicate, a little inadvertently, it is easy for the princess to disappear. The pure cashmere scarf is soft and comfortable and light and light to keep warm. It is rare and precious in its own right, with strict process and high price. It is also a guarantee of special experience and high quality.

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