Wool Scarf How To Do The Ball

- Sep 11, 2017 -

The wool scarf, though it is a combination of the artifact, has also caused many people to express their dislike for the ball. The ball is not a "patent" for a woolen scarf, but all wool products have "foul trouble" that loves the ball. Firstly, it should be recognized that, due to the unique high density curvature of cashmere fiber, it is normal to have the wool products to have a ball phenomenon, and it is not a matter of scarf quality.

First of all, on the one hand, avoid local friction pilling, scarf clothing collar is smooth fabric as far as possible, wear time shoulds not be too long, pay attention to the intermittent, wear alternately, to restore its elasticity, so as to avoid fiber fatigue damage. Secondly, the way of cleaning the scarf can also prevent the ball. It can be washed with silken hair, a little bit dissolved in the water for 15 minutes, a knead can go out of water and wash the scarf soft and soft. Avoid excessive friction on the surface of the scarf.

When buying wool scarf, people often pay attention to wool scarf pilling problem, actually can be at ease, love people know the real wool scarf wool products pilling is normal, and will know the value of curing it, after all, all material of the scarf becomes more or less will have to use the old wear phenomenon, if can't afford to do you like the scarf, can consider to cotton and linen scarf.

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